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are girls still pretending they don’t masturbate?

I dunno, is society still teaching girls that anything related to their genitals is dirty and impure?

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some pictures make you feel like you’re there

please try to refrain from deleting and replacing my text on my own photo -.-

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When the first manic episode came, we ate ice cream sandwiches

and I held you against the sink, naked, as you filled my mouth

with chocolate syrup. Rome was burning and I was losing myself

in your skin, your longings, as the sky outside turned to pink ash.

We went grocery shopping at 4 am, you…


Part of recovery is feeling sad, or angry, or hopeless, or negative, or “fat,” or anxious, or uncomfortable, and sitting with those feelings without hurting yourself to change that. 

Recovery isn’t all about feeling happy. Yes, you will feel joy, but the ultimate goal is to be able to feel all of those feelings (even the “bad” ones) and be okay with that.

It’s okay to not be okay. Just don’t hurt yourself. 

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“ I am the sea and nobody owns me. ”

—    Pippi Longstocking (1997)

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Claude Monet » Water Lilies 

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